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    101 Democratic Principles
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    Approval Date 26/09/13 Last Review 03/19 Next Review 03/22
    VRQA Minimum Standard/s School Governance: Democratic Principles


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    In this policy statement Bayside Christian College seeks to declare its support for and adherence to the principles and practice of Australian Democracy.



    This policy is applicable to all persons associated with Bayside Christian College and its Association (Association for Christian Education of Frankston Inc).


    Policy Statement

    Bayside Christian College serves the community by providing education which is honouring to God and consistent with social values, community standards, Commonwealth government policies and legislation.

    As a Christian community we are committed to the spirit of Romans 13 and we recognise that we are active participants in a democratic nation and as such, are able to deliver an exceptional standard of education within the policy frameworks of both the Federal and State Government’s practices and principles.

    The programs of, and teaching in, Bayside Christian College are in support and promote the principles and practice of Australian Democracy.

    We are committed to:

    • elected government
    • the rule of law
    • equal rights
    • freedom of religion
    • freedom of speech and association
    • the values of openness and tolerance.


    Communication of Policy

    This policy will be available via:

    • College public website
    • College Intranet

    Implementation of Policy

    This policy will inform teaching programs and practices and will itself be communicated via units of teaching on democracy, system of law etc.
    Each class will also regularly pray for and give thanks for our country, its governments and legal rights and responsibilities.