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      Student Chromebook Policy
    Version 2.0 Author ICT Committee Owner Deputy Principal
    Approval Date 07/10/15 Last Review 12/2017 Next Review 08/2018
    VRQA Minimum Standard/s School Infrastructure: ICT
    Student Welfare


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    This policy applies to all students of Bayside Christian College who are participating in the student Chromebook program. The participation in the student Chromebook program constitutes consent to the policies set out in this document.

    All students participating in the Chromebook Program, and their parents, must sign the Student Chromebook Policy Agreement. It is an expectation that all students are familiar with, and uphold the College eSmart values.


    Policy Statement

    Bayside Christian College is committed to incorporating ICT into learning in a meaningful, valuable, and cost-effective manner to help ensure the provision of excellent, inclusive education at the College.

    The Australian Curriculum is designed around developing core competencies in literacy, numeracy, ethics, creative and critical thinking, ICT and intercultural understanding. Development of all of these competencies is critical for the success of our students. Technology integration in the classroom is essential to enable students to develop many of these competencies, and to reach their full academic potential. The focus of the Bayside Chromebook program is to provide tools and resources to empower the 21st Century Learner.

    The College also seeks to provide an environment that promotes responsibility for each students own learning, to ensure students are knowledgeable about the globalisation of education, and to better prepare them for university studies and the workplace. 

    The integration of technology in our educational program does not diminish the role of the teacher, but transforms the teacher from a director of learning into a facilitator of learning, where learning can occur anytime, anywhere. Students are empowered to engage in self-learning, limited only by their curiosity and motivation, expanding upon the width and depth of knowledge acquired in the formal classroom setting. We believe this integration will also further enhance the dynamic interaction among students, educators, parents, the local community and even students and teachers around the globe.

    The policies and procedures set out in this document apply to the use of Chromebooks at Bayside Christian College. Teachers may also set additional procedures for the use of Chromebooks in their classroom as required, depending on the nature of the class. 


    The Chromebooks


    Each student Chromebook will be named electronically to allow it to be easily identified by our technical staff and tracked on our school network. Labels attached to the Chromebooks by the College should not be removed or otherwise obscured to ensure Chromebooks can be quickly identified.


    All Chromebooks purchased or rented through the College have a full 3-year manufacturer's warranty. This warranty does not cover accidental damage due to spills, drops, other abuse, or theft.


    All Chromebooks rented through the College include Accidental Damage Protection Insurance that covers the repair or replacement of a Chromebook accidentally damaged. This policy will not cover intentional or malicious damage of a Chromebook; however, nor does it provide coverage for loss or theft of the Chromebook due to negligence.


    Parents are responsible for ensuring that Chromebooks requiring repair under warranty or through an insurance claim are taken to a technician in the College ICT Department who will assist with all warranty repairs or insurance claims. In most instances, a temporary replacement Chromebook will be provided to students while their Chromebook is being repaired or replaced.

    Google Management Console

    All Chromebooks leased through the College will be linked to the College via the Google Management Console that enables the College to ensure Chromebooks are configured appropriately for use in the classroom. This configuration restricts the Chrombooks to using the College Google accounts. Personal gmail accounts will not work on the Chromebooks used in this program. This configuration also provides means to wipe or disable Chromebooks that are lost or stolen to prevent unauthorised use.


    Parent Responsibilities

    Use at Home 

    Students will need to take their Chromebooks home after school to complete homework; they should not be left at school in the student's locker or classroom. Parents are fully responsible for use of the Chromebook by students at home. 

    It is strongly recommended that the Chromebook is used and stored in a communal area in the house and not in the student’s bedroom. The College also encourages parents to implement safe work practices at home in respect to the location, length of time and the tasks performed by students on the Chromebook or any other device. Overuse of the Chromebook or any other device (i.e. screen time) can be detrimental to the physical, mental and social development of children.

    Cybersafety at Home

    The College strongly encourages that parents use a web filtering solution at home such as The OpenDNS Family Shield to restrict access to inappropritate online materials at home. 

    Additional guidelines for the safe use of the Chromebook or other devices at home can be found on the College ICT Portal.


    Student Responsibilities

    All students are expected to read and sign the College’s Chromebook Agreement contained within this document, which outlines procedures for acceptable Chromebook usage at school. Please read this document carefully and sign the attached agreement indicating your preparedness to abide by the policy document.

    Care and Maintenance

    Students are responsible for the general care and maintenance of the Chromebook. Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work must be immediately taken to the ICT Department for evaluation and recommendations will be made for repair or replacement under warranty or through insurance claim.

    Appropriate use

    Screensavers/Background Images

    • Inappropriate media may not be used as a screen saver or background photo.

    • Presence of violence, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drug, hate related symbols or pictures will result in immediate disciplinary actions.

    Sound, Music, Games, or Apps

    • Sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes.

    • Downloaded music files are allowed on the Chromebook and can be used at the discretion of the teacher.


    • Using the web camera or video during school hours is strictly prohibited, unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes.

    • Uploading pictures or videos of school-related events on the Chromebook to online media sharing sites such as Flickr or YouTube is strictly prohibited.

    Note: The school reserves the right to remove any applications or materials regarded as inappropriate from a student’s Chromebook and/or Google accounts.

    Daily Use and Storage

    Charging of Chromebook

    The Chromebook is designed to last all day with normal usage. The Chromebook must be brought to school each day with a fully charged battery. Students will need to adopt a practice where they charge their Chromebook each evening. It is recommended that they are charged overnight in a communal area of the house. 

    Note: Students will not be permitted to charge their Chromebook at the College. 

    At School

    Students are to take their Chromebook to all classes as advised. When moving between classes, Chromebooks are to be carried in the College supplied laptop bag and are not to be used while in-transit between classes. Chromebooks must always be placed in the student's locked locker or in a locked classroom (if required by the teacher) whilst not being used in class.

    When using the Chromebook, students should maintain correct posture and vary the activity and length of time they are using the keypad and screen to avoid fatigue.

    Use of Chromebooks at recess and lunch

    Chromebooks are not to be used during recess or lunch and must be locked away in the students locker or classroom.

    Transport To and From School

    Chromebooks should remain in their protective carrying case during transport to and from school, and stored securely in the student’s school bag. Students should be conscious of appropriate occupational health and safety issues in the manner in which they carry their bag.

    Students need to be aware of leaving their Chromebook unattended in public as they may damaged or stolen. 

    After School

    The College assumes no responsibility for Chromebooks left overnight (or during school holidays or weekends) on College property unless this is required or requested by an authorised staff member at the College for a specific purpose or activity by the student's teacher(s). 


    All data on the Chromebook will be stored in Google Drive or Google Classroom; or on an SD card or USB drive if the student chooses those storage locations. It is highly recommended that all data other than large videos or audio files be stored in Google Drive, which is automatically backed up to the cloud and protected.

    Personal data stored on the Chromebook such as music, photos, or videos that are not in Google Drive are the sole responsibility of the individual student. The backup of personal data is the responsibility of the student. The College takes no responsibility for loss or damage of a student’s data stored in offline storage devices.

    NOTE: Students cannot use the loss of data on their Chromebook as an excuse for not handing in work punctually.

    Modification of Chromebook


    Students are not permitted to physically alter the Chromebook in such a way that may void the warranty or otherwise permanantly mark or change the Chromebook. Examples of alterations or personalisations that are not allowed, include:

    • Removing parts of the case such as the keyboard covers or keys from the keyboard,

    • Removing any of the rubber bumpers on the edge or screen of the chromebook,

    • Scratching or engaving text or any patterns or designs on the chromebook,

    • Painting or otherwise permanently marking the chromebook. 

    Examples of alterations or personalisation of the Chromebook that are allowed, include:

    • Application of non-permanent stickers or decals that can be removed

    • Use of a protective case or shell on the chromebook


    Students are not permitted to alter the Chromebook settings that are applied to the Chromebooks by the College. Any attempts to install unsupported or pirated software; or, otherwise "hack" the Chromebook are strictly prohibited.

    Non-Educational/Personal Apps

    Students may make a request to the ICT Department through the Help Desk to add Chrome web apps other than those isntalled by the school. Apps that are considered appropriate and not likely to cause distraction or other issues with the use of the Chromebooks in class or at home may be approved for installation.  The Chromebook is to be used first and foremost as a learning tool at the College, and not as a social media or gaming device.

    Any apps that the College determines to be inappropriate or that are creating distractions or problems in the classroom or otherwise may be removed from student Chromebooks. Restrictions on online games or social media will be applied as necessary to Chromebooks both while on and off the College network (i.e. at home).


    Technical Support

    All technical support is provided by the ICT Technicians employed by Bayside Christian College. Representatives from one of our service providers will also be available as required to assist with technical support needs for the Chromebooks. Our ICT technicians are located in the ICT office at the rear of the Library. The ICT office is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

    ICT Office

    Students should normally visit the ICT office before school, during recess, at lunch-time or after school (until 4.30pm). At all other times (i.e. class times), a note from a teacher is required for students to seek assistance from the ICT Department. If our technicians are unavailable to provide assistance at the time, students should return to class immediately and seek assistance later in the day or after school.

    Help Desk

    Students can also request assistance from the ICT Department by logging a request on the BCC Help Desk by logging in with their Google Apps credentials at and creating a new support ticket. (A link to the Help Desk is also provided on the Student  and Parent Portals). Help Desk requests are dealt with in a timely manner based on their priority (urgency and importance) and updates are provided on the status of a ticket through email. Normal Help Desk operating hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday.


    For hardware and software assistance, please contact the ICT Department. Generally, any hardware faults or damage to the Chromebook should be reported immediately regardless of the cause. Delay in reporting of faults to the laptop may make it more difficult to make claims covered under the warranty or through insurance claims, and may result in the full cost of the repair being charged to the individual.

    Issues with Chromebook applications or non-hardware related problems should be discussed with the ICT technicians at College. Advice should always first be sought from the College ICT technicians.

    Note: No support of any kind will be provided for Chromebooks that have not been configured for the network or are not found in the College inventory of managed devices. 


    Occupational Health and Safety

    There are Occupational Health and Safety recommendations provided by Worksafe Victoria regarding the use of computers. See Officewise – A guide to health

    & safety in the office for details. Specific OH&S recommendations for the use of devices such as the Chromebook include:

    • Avoiding extended use of the Chromebook while resting directly on your lap. The bottom of the Chromebook can become slightly hot to the touch after extended use.

    • Taking frequent breaks when using the Chromebook for long periods of time. Look away from the Chromebook approximately every fifteen minutes.

    • Never placing a plugged in Chromebook where the charging cord could create a tripping hazard or cause the Chromebook to be pulled off of a desk or other raised surface.


    Loss or Theft of Chromebook

    If a Chromebook is lost or stolen the College should be notified immediately through the student’s class teacher. Every attempt will be made to assist in the recovery of the Chromebook. Parents may need to provided a statement and any other information that might assist in any insurance claim or police report.


    Communication of Policy

    The College will communicate this policy through the College website and the College Intranet to:

    • Any student who enters a year level offering the Chromebook program

    • Any parent or guardian of a student entering or in the Chromebook program

    • Any person who is offered employment with the College

    • All emergency relief teachers (CRTs)


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