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    408 Bus Safety
    Version 1.0 Author Deputy Principal Owner Principal
    Approval Date 7/11/2013 Last Review 2010 Next Review 11/2014
    VRQA Minimum Standard/s Student Welfare: Care, Safety and Welfare of Students


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    Bayside Christian College is committed to providing a safe physical environment for students and others. This includes student safety on or around College buses. Specifically this policy aims to:

    • ensure that risks associated with bus safety are competently assessed
    • provide safe environments for students to arrive at and leave the school
    • take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of students travelling by bus on school excursions
    • provide students with guidance on how they are expected to behave on buses and at bus stops.


    This policy applies to all staff, contractors, volunteers, and students at Bayside Christian College

    Policy Statement

    The school will ensure that:

    • procedures are implemented which minimise the risk of bus related incidents threatening the safety of students of others
    • adequate resources will be provided to address any safety problems relating to students’ bus travel
    • students will be given suitable instruction, guidance and supervision to promote appropriate behaviour on or around buses

    Communication of Policy

    The College will communicate this policy via:

    • Parent Handbook
    • Inclusion on the College Intranet
    • Staff Handbook

    Implementation of Policy

    The policy and procedures will be implemented throughout the College through;

    • Staff meetings
    • Staff handbook/induction – i.e. duty of care responsibilities of teachers, risk management processes for off-campus activities
    • Student briefings about appropriate behaviour on and around buses prior to bus travel (e.g. before excursions using bus transport)


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