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    Approval Date 7/11/2013 Last Review 11/2013 Next Review 11/2014
    VRQA Minimum Standard/s Student Welfare


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    This attendance policy aims to establish guidelines and processes of the management of student school attendance and absences in Years Prep to Year 12.



    This policy applies to teachers and administration staff, students and parents/carers.


    Policy Statement

    Parents/guardians must enrol a child of compulsory school-age (six years and up to the age of seventeen years) at a registered school and ensure the child attends school at all times when the school is open for instruction, or seek enrolment for other approved tuition. 
    The College must regularly monitor student attendance/absentee patterns.

    Recording Attendance
    The College must record attendance and absences at least half daily in order to:

    • meet legislative requirements
    • assist calculation of the school’s Student Resource Package (SRP) funding
    • enable the College to report on attendance annually
    • meet Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) requirements (for VCE students).

    Student Absence
    Parents/guardians should provide an explanation on each occasion a child is absent from the College, such as illness, accident, unavoidable cause or absence from Victoria. All absence reasons given by parents/carers must be recorded. The College requests that families avoid taking holidays during the school term, as this can be disruptive to their child’s learning. 

    In the case of unexplained absences, there will be prompt communication with parents/carers to seek the reason for the absence. Where a reason is provided by the parent/carer, the reason must be recorded.

    Reporting attendance

    The average student attendance rate is one of the key student outcomes that the College must publish as part of the School Performance Information reporting requirement stipulated by the Australian government.

    An up-to-date attendance record, whether paper or computer based, must be retained at the College and be available for inspection at all times when the College is open by any person authorised by the Minister for Education and Training. 


    Procedural Steps

    All class rolls are marked by the class teacher directly into the College’s school management system Edumate.

    Attendance rolls are marked:


    • first period each morning
    • in the period following the lunch break
    • at the beginning of each ‘specialist’ lesson (music, art, Language, PE etc)


    • at Home group each morning
    • in each period throughout the day

    Late morning arrivals that occur:

    • within the first 15 minutes of the student’s morning start time (8:45am for secondary students and 8:55am for primary students), the attendance roll for the student should be recorded by the class teacher as ‘Late’ with the arrival time recorded.
    • greater than 15 minutes from the student’s morning start time, the student must enter their name, reason for being late and time of arrival in the Sign In/Sign Out register in the College Office. Office staff will then enter these details into Edumate.

    Early departure
    All students must enter their name, reason for leaving the College early and time of departure in the Sign In/Sign Out register in the College Office. Office staff will then enter these details into Edumate.

    Absences from class due to other activity

    Students may be absent from a class during the day, but still on College property for a number of acceptable reasons. These include music tuition, speech therapy, sickbay and pastoral care. In these instances, the student must not be marked absent from class, but rather with the appropriate entry as shown on Edumate eg. music, pastoral care, 'other' activity. The teacher must be sure that the student is at the expected activity, or in sickbay, or they must follow-up by contacting the office or obtain assistance from another teacher.

    Absence Notification
    Parents/Carers may notify the College through a variety of avenues. The preferred method is via the Absence Line (5971 6798). Other methods include phone call, email, and in person to the College office or the class teacher. Teachers who are notified of absences should notify the office staff, who will enter the details into Edumate.

    Unsatisfactory attendance
    When a student is absent to an unsatisfactory degree, the teacher must discuss this with the Learning Team Leader, Head of School or Principal. Contact with the parent will be made to communicate the unsatisfactory attendance, and ascertain the reason for the absences. Where there is no response and concern for a student's welfare, contact should be made to Child First.
    Unsatisfactory attendance must be recorded on the student's files.


    Attendance roll checks
    Each day a check will be made of each home group’s roll showing the day’s attendance pattern. Student absences and attendance anomalies are easily identified. Email or phone contact will be made to a teacher with a roll showing an anomaly for explanation or clarification, and the roll record will be amended accordingly.


    Reports to government
    The College must report to the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations as outlined in their communications.


    Communication of Policy

    This Policy is communicated:

    • on the College's Intranet
    • at Staff training days
    • to Parents at information sessions and in handbooks